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Pennsylvania Low Voltage Tips & FAQ

Office Relocation Checklist

Relocating your office can be confusing and time consuming, not to mention a major disruption to the flow of business. It's important for the person or persons in charge of the move to plan and list each task, along with the individual or organization who will take responsibility for the task.

One person cannot coordinate the move alone. Work with another person or several and make sure each person is aware of every step in the moving process. On move day, have several people in the new site and others at the old site to coordinate how everything is loaded and unloaded, where the contents are located at the new site, etc.

Create a Budget. Moving without budget-planning is a sure sign of an inexperienced manager. A proper budget layout is the first step towards an intelligent relocation. Brainstorm and make a detailed list all the costs involved in the office relocation.

Make a Master Checklist. Prepare a master checklist that reflects all the major and minor aspects of relocation. Include all those items that are required for training or other activities that may be unique to your business. Allow enough time for delays in service from the movers, build out, etc. Planning for everything to go exactly as planned may be planning for disaster.

Obtain the bids for voice and data/network cabling (wiring) for the new location. East Coast Communications is a company in the Philadelphia area that can provide cabling for 1 to 1,000 cables. www.ecctelecom.com

Obtain bids for the movers, contractors, and other companies involved in the move. Let them know your timeline and get a firm commitment in writing to deliver services by or at a specific time. It's always a good idea to use a professional moving company.

Layout of Cubicles. Decide the size, layout and location of cubicles, and offices. Have a PDF file of not only the layout of the cubicles but who is going to be sitting where. Your cubicle, phone system, movers and network administrator will thank you. Include the phone extension for each person with a telephone.

Furniture. Plan the location of furniture at the new office. Assign room numbers for each office or office area and label the furniture accordingly. This will prevent mass confusion as movers bring furniture into the new location.

Choose the type of furniture that best suits your requirements. A prior decision on the furniture-type will ensure if networking of your systems is required before placing the furniture. For instance, modular furniture demands pre-networking of the systems.

Plan the location of equipment. I.E. PC, printer, fax, telephones etc. The jack locations for voice and data can be easily determined if you have performed the above tasks diligently.

Replacement and Maintenance. Electronic equipment, especially computers and telephone systems, gets outdated quickly. A quick check on this equipment is not a bad idea at the time of moving. Replace the worn out and economically unfeasible equipment, and upgrade and repair the equipment needing attention

Plan for Security. The security systems for the business security needs are vital for any organization. While moving to a new location, plan the installation and maintenance of security systems/access system and other surveillance equipment.

Clean Up. Moving is certainly an ideal time for a thorough vacuum cleaning of the old equipment.

Labeling. Labeling is a wise idea to avoid complications. Label all the equipment according to their destination such as room number, office location, etc. The cubicles, workstations, and cabinets must also be labeled with names and designation of their occupier.

Contact Phone and Internet Providers. If the new location is an under-construction site, plan the wiring schedule well in advance. Prior information to the wiring-installer about the location of servers and clients makes the job of relocation hassle-free. A T1 can take up to 60 days to have installed.

Server Room. Confirm the minimum requirements for the server room, including room dimensions, electrical requirements (30 amp dedicated circuit), floor coverings, HVAC with alarm.

Test all networks, phone drops, power outlets, back-up batteries etc.

Phone System. Ensure that you have contacted a phone system installer to either upgrade your current system or provide a different phone system.

Get Communication-wise. Moving to a new location means a new address that must be communicated to all concerned. Prepare a list of all the contacts, including their contact details such as address, phone number, emails, fax etc. For example, the list should include property management personnel, local telephone company, local computer support vendor, local telephone system vendor, telephone/data cable vendor, shipping representative, and the Webmaster. Post a list of the contacts at both the old and new locations. Also, provide a list of your company contacts responsible for the move to all parties concerned.

Back it up. Ask the staff to make a backup of all the important data on the

Deliveries. Always make sure that the local staff contact is on-site for deliveries or vendor access to the space prior to office opening.

Disconnect all the telephone and Internet lines at the old location.

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